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High-Asset Divorce

High-Asset Divorce Lawyers in Montgomery and Frederick County

High Asset DivorcesOur family law firm tailors legal solutions to meet the unique needs of every client who retains our counsel. Our high-asset divorce lawyers in Montgomery and Frederick County routinely handle the complex matters involved when one or both spouses in a divorce have substantial assets that are likely to be contested.

At Montgomery & Frederick County Family Law Firm, Fait & DiLima, LLP, our goal is to provide superior representation to individuals in Maryland who need experienced advocates to look after their interests. Contact our office in Rockville or Frederick to arrange a consultation to discuss your case.

How Is High Asset Divorce Handled in Rockville?

High-net-worth individuals have special needs that require the attention and resources of an established family law firm.

Our clients frequently have significant real estate investments, diverse stock portfolios, and other assets. They may own multiple homes or have a business or substantial pension that they want to ensure is protected during a divorce proceeding. In some cases, hidden assets from one or both parties might be the issue.

The advantage of choosing the high-net-worth divorce attorneys of Fait & DiLima, LLP lies in our experience handling sensitive financial information and aggressively protecting our clients’ economic interests. We identify the assets that are most likely to be contested and routinely collaborate with forensic accountants, business valuation specialists, and other experts to develop a successful legal strategy to help our clients maintain as many of their assets as possible.

Whether contested divorce issues can be resolved expediently through negotiation or require the full resources of our litigation practice, clients have our commitment to protect their interests.

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If you have sizeable assets that you wish to protect during a divorce or you have joint marital property you want to ensure is treated fairly, contact our firm online or call (301) 888-6384 to schedule a consultation at our office in Frederick or Rockville.

A Word from Past Clients

  • “Sylvia Borenstein & Laura Duncan of Fait & DiLima, LLP were incredibly knowledgeable and experienced at helping me sorting out and making a lot of important decisions for my life changing divorce. ...”

    - B.H.
  • “Sylvia Borenstein's Professionalism and knowledge of family law was very impressive. She thought of ways to help my sons that I never knew existed. Like establishing Trusts that are designed for ...”

    - B.H.
  • “Dorothy Fait successfully helped me through a highly contentious divorce, custody, and support case. Throughout the entire process, she was the perfect mixture of professionally skillful and also kind ...”

    - J.V.
  • “I had met several family law attorneys in the past through the Montgomery County Bar Association, and 2 years later when my (ex-)husband and I decided to get divorced, she was top of mind. Before ...”

    - I.A.
  • “Laura and Dorothy are very professional and knowledgeable. When I hired them I [had] been two years in the divorce process already. I was hopeless and then Laura [and Dorothy] put everything in order ...”

    - M.M.

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  • Dorothy R. Fait & Marjorie G. DiLima are Published Authors of Divorce In Maryland: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect (2017)

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