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Child Custody & Visitation

Montgomery and Frederick County Child Custody & Visitation Attorneys

Fairly Dividing Custody Between ExesHow Is Child Custody Determined in Maryland?

Whenever a divorce occurs and there are children involved, the matter of with whom the children will live is often an area of contention and great emotion. No parent wants to lose contact with his or her children, and no fit parent should have to endure such a thing. After all, studies have shown that in most cases, it is in children’s best interest to remain in close contact with both parents after a divorce, no matter the custody arrangement.

At the family law firm of Fait & DiLima, LLP, we have been helping individuals and families deal with divorce, child custody, and visitation matters for more than 50 years.

Our Montgomery and Frederick County child custody attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience with family law matters, and have an excellent track record of helping families resolve difficult issues in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner. We’re here to listen, and we’re here to help.

Contact us today for skilled legal guidance and representation in regard to all matters of divorce, child custody, and visitation matters, including:

  • Legal and physical custody
  • Joint or shared physical custody
  • Visitation rules and schedules
  • Post-decree modifications

In determining child custody and visitation, the courts will consider numerous factors, including the fitness of the parents, character and reputation of parents, parents’ residences, the preference of the child, and other factors. The primary concern in any custody or visitation arrangement is the best interests of the child involved.

In addition to child custody and visitation, our firm can also provide you with sound advice and counsel regarding other divorce-related matters, including child support and spousal support/alimony.

Dealing with difficult and emotional family law issues is never easy. However, working with an attorney who not only knows the law but also knows and understands your needs as a person can make the whole process easier and less stressful.

Contact our Montgomery and Frederick County child custody attorneys today to take the first step toward making the best of a tough situation.

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  • “Sylvia Borenstein & Laura Duncan of Fait & DiLima, LLP were incredibly knowledgeable and experienced at helping me sorting out and making a lot of important decisions for my life changing divorce. ...”

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  • “Dorothy Fait successfully helped me through a highly contentious divorce, custody, and support case. Throughout the entire process, she was the perfect mixture of professionally skillful and also kind ...”

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  • “I had met several family law attorneys in the past through the Montgomery County Bar Association, and 2 years later when my (ex-)husband and I decided to get divorced, she was top of mind. Before ...”

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  • “Laura and Dorothy are very professional and knowledgeable. When I hired them I [had] been two years in the divorce process already. I was hopeless and then Laura [and Dorothy] put everything in order ...”

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